Prime-Sponsored Legislation: 

A00318Requires accident and health insurance policies to cover the cost of genetic testing of persons with a family history of cancer

A00322Relates to the Westchester Medical Center's assignation to a certain peer group

A00324Authorizes the city of Mount Vernon to offer certain retirement options to Christopher Grieco, Wendell Griffin, Patsy Leone and Jeremy Villanueva, police officers employed by such city

A00347Requires businesses that purchase silver, gold and platinum to display current silver, gold and platinum prices

A00348Provides for establishing a demonstration program implementing a dual track child protective program in Westchester county

A00359Includes chiropractors in health maintenance organizations

A00363Enacts the Child Sexual Abuse Reform Act; provides for the elimination and extension of certain statutes of limitations relating thereto

A00364Exempts low-emission and energy efficient vehicles from retail sales and compensating use taxes

A00366Relates to the terms of office of commissioners of elections

A00368Requires insurance companies to issue joint checks for payment to an insured and a health care provider in certain circumstances

A00369Enacts the accessible electronic information act for blind and disabled persons; creates a new fund in the state finance law; authorizes a NFP to administer the program

A00370Establishes a temporary state commission to make recommendations for new voting technology and provides for grants to localities to improve voting procedures; appropriation

A00440Enacts the accessible electronic information act for blind and disabled persons; creates a new fund in the state finance law

A00717Requires ski area operators to provide protective headgear; requires skiers and snowboarders age fourteen and under to wear protective headgear

A00719Makes technical corrections to the practice of podiatry

A00783Criminalizes the operation of a school bus by a person having any amount of alcohol in his or her blood and providing sanctions for violations

A00784Provides for inclusion of the school district's regional cost index in calculating the supplemental education improvement plan grant amount for Yonkers city schools

A00786Provides Yonkers city school district with additional supplemental education improvement plan funds

A00816Relates to the brownfield redevelopment tax credit

A00837Provides for the imposition of a fine for the failure of a cooperative apartment corporation to credit the STAR exemption to the tenant-stockholders thereof

A00838Increases the number of votes an independent party needs to become a recognized political party in New York state

A00842Relates to assaults on nursing professionals and sanitation workers

A00862Criminalizes acting as a runner or soliciting or employing a runner to procure patients or clients

A00886Relates to regulations implementing video lottery gaming in this state

A00887Establishes antitrust exemptions for certain horse racing agreements

A00891Authorizing licensing of bowling establishments to offer video gaming if structure allows for segregated areas from patrons under 21 years of age

A00892Provides for the amount to be paid by off track betting corporations to regional harness tracks from certain simulcasting revenue

A00895Requires all individuals pawning goods to present identification and for pawnbrokers to keep records of such person

A00910Authorizes certain gambling games

A00917Requires certain health insurance policies to provide coverage for diagnostic testing for ovarian cancer

A00918Provides for payments to licensed harness tracks by regional off-track betting corporations

A00921Relates to exempting the New York Jockey Injury Compensation Fund, Inc. from certain assessments under the workers' compensation law

A00922Relates to the display of live races and special events on telephones

A00930Relates to the distribution of the additional vendor's marketing allowance by any operator of a racetrack located in the county of Westchester

A00931Relates to reimbursement for ambulance services

A00932Relates to electronic bell jar games

A00959Eases certain restrictions on the conducting of games of chance for charitable purposes

A00961Relates to video gaming machines and disposition of revenues

A01286Relates to resources of agriculture and New York state horse breeding development fund designated to educate, promote, advertise and protect the standardbred breeding industry

A01287Requires lottery sales agents to return previously purchased lottery tickets to the persons submitting them to such agents for verification of prizes

A01288Authorizes the state gaming commission to impose fines upon entities participating in thoroughbred race meetings or off-track wagering; non-patrons

A01289Relates to the New York State Thoroughbred Breeding and Development Fund

A01305Relates to the members of the franchise oversight board and the duties and responsibilities of such board

A01309Relates to bonds and notes of the city of Yonkers

A01333Permits the electronic filing of papers in local criminal courts in certain instances

A01363Sets forth additional conditions which may be available in an order of protection

A01364Authorizes orders of protection to provide for home and personal security devices and order the respondent to cover the costs associated with security devices

A01413Requires that persons applying for appointment as a civil service fire fighter be not more than 29 years old on the date of the written examination

A01415Authorizes the denial of renewal of professional, business or trade licenses where a taxpayer has outstanding tax debt which the taxpayer has failed to settle

A01420Extends unfair labor practice protection to state grant recipients

A01428Requires county clerks to designate one newspaper for the publication of judicial proceedings in the county

A01430Removes certain residential programs, residential facilities and child care institutions from the definition of the term "youth shelter" for certain purposes

A01442Provides for the reestablishment of the Westchester parkway commission, to advise the commissioner of transportation

A01443Relates to providing funding for transitional programs for students from English-speaking Caribbean countries

A01448Creates the crime of prosecutorial misconduct

A01449Increases the penalties for criminal impersonation in the first and second degrees

A01450Relates to the general powers of the public service commission in respect to gas and electric corporations

A01471Includes certain rehabilitation hospitals within the definition of inpatient care services for purposes of providing child health insurance plan coverage

A01473Creates the Eastchester creek intermunicipal economic revitalization agency; repealer

A01490Requires department of environmental conservation to establish guidelines for disqualification of stand-by contractors

A01505Eases certain restrictions on the conducting of games of chance and bingo for charitable purposes

A01517Relates to harness racing

A01540Requires certain health insurance policies and contracts to provide coverage for human leukocyte antigen testing for use in tissue typing for bone marrow testing

A01545Establishes a statewide toll-free office of court administration hotline for use by police officers seeking court orders to compel persons to submit to a blood test

A01546Establishes the empire state professional nursing scholarship program and grants for nursing education

A01562Allows the Yonkers city school district to become an independent school district

A01563Requires oil companies to clean up any spillage occurring during oil delivery

A01565Prohibits the appointment of paid employees of the city of Yonkers as members of the board of education of the city school district of such city

A01588Exempts certain owners of a horse which pulls any vehicle, carriage, sled or sleigh from the provisions of torturing an animal

A01589Relates to the members of the franchise oversight board and the duties and responsibilities of such board

A01590Relates to requiring the continual authorization of the horse-drawn cab industry

A01591Authorizes industrial development agencies to provide assistance to qualified residential facilities

A01592Requires communities with traffic-control devices with photo monitoring to have uniform duration periods for all yellow signal lights on any traffic-control devices

A01593Permits licensed clinical social workers, creative arts therapists, marriage and family therapists, mental health counselors and psychoanalysts to form a single corporate structure

A01595Relates to the use of safety belts in taxicabs and liveries

A01602Relates to Tier 1 high tax aid apportionment and foundation aid

A01607Relates to permitting certain drug-free adhesive breathing devices

A01608Provides for the appointment of 4 more members to the board of the city of Yonkers parking authority

A01609Relates to horsemen's health insurance

A01614Establishes crime of aggravated criminal conduct

A01618Relates to charter schools

A01619Requires that bus drivers be provided with regular rest periods to have the opportunity to use a restroom

A01620Provides where court imposes certain sentence for certain misdemeanors and felonies, the court may impose a sentence of probation or conditional discharge

A01632Relates to reports of substantial risk or threat of harm by mental health professionals

A01633Provides for the time period bases and manner of payment of employment preparation education apportionment state aid

A01638Establishes family literacy programs for economically disadvantaged families living in poverty areas or areas with low-performing public schools

A01643Relates to the jurisdiction of a coroner or medical examiner

A01645Prohibits banking organizations from issuing mail-loan checks without request or application therefor

A01650Relates to dismissal of teachers for sexual improprieties

A01687Provides for the reimbursement of nutrition and dietetic services

A01688Provides alternative sentence of impounding the vehicle person operated upon conviction of driving while ability impaired by alcohol or drugs

A01698Provides Yonkers city school district with additional supplemental education improvement plan funds

A01702Requires forfeiture of vehicles for 6 months for second DWI offense and permanent forfeiture and registration denial for third DWI offense

A01708Enacts the "New Century Libraries: Libraries 2015 act"

A01711Provides that, after a certain date, all buses manufactured for sale in this state, shall have the exhaust pipe at the upper right corner of the vehicle

A01736Requires hospitals to offer DNA testing of newborns or take blood samples from newborns for future DNA testing

A01742Permits security guard companies in certain instances to perform security related work in N.Y. city by armed guards without obtaining a N.Y. city firearms special permit

A01743Relates to the sale of tobacco products over the internet

A01744Excludes environmental contamination from consideration as a factor for real property assessment

A01747Prohibits the sale of ammunition without proof of a firearm license

A01767Grants a special apportionment to certain school districts for certain public pension liabilities

A01768Includes traffic enforcement agents or city marshals within the category of persons protected while performing their lawful duties

A01781Includes within class D felony of assault in the second degree the reckless assault of a child less than 7 years old resulting in serious physical injury

A01783Directs the discontinuance of the Yonkers toll plaza on the New York state thruway

A01881Authorizes a court to direct filing of non-family offense order of protection with the computerized registry for such orders and warrants

A01900Requires landlords to furnish each tenant either renewing or entering into a lease with a document describing the rights and duties of landlords and tenants

A01904Relates to the disqualification of certain persons from acting as school bus monitors and drivers

A01908Provides for an apportionment to the Yonkers city school district based upon universal prekindergarten enrollment

A01919Establishes additional state aid to certain merged public library systems

A01920Creates the crime of crimes against a delivery person when a specified offense is committed against a restaurant delivery person

A01922Precludes local criminal court from issuing a warrant of arrest based on any simplified information when the defendant has not been arraigned

A01930Authorizes the establishment of a public library revolving loan fund

A01942Directs health maintenance organization which denies claim due to absence of medical necessity to advise insured as to alternative treatment

A01949Requires that used oil filters be source-separated and recycled

A01960Designates ordinance officers of the city of Mount Vernon police department as peace officers

A01961Relates to the N.Y. State Health Care Consumer and Provider Protection and Equity Act

A01965Establishes training and registration requirements for kidney dialysis patient care technicians

A01966Modifies provisions for the payment of delinquent taxes by permitting any person or entity to lend money to the taxpayer and pay the taxing jurisdiction; repealer

A01967Exempts from disclosure on the freedom of information law, the issuance of pistol permits to active and retired police officers, peace officers and correction officers

A01973Makes provisions regarding the siting of environmental facilities in minority communities or economically distressed areas

A01989Allows the Yonkers city school district the option of amortizing future payments to the New York state teachers' retirement system

A01996Transfers control of the Yonkers Education Construction Fund Board to the mayor of the city of Yonkers

A01997Increases the penalties for sexual performances by a child and provides for consecutive sentencing upon certain multiple convictions

A02030Relates to leased vehicle protections

A02036Relates to conforming and improving the process for determining incapacity

A02038Permits the Church of Jesus Christ (Apostolic), Inc. to file an application for a real property tax exemption

A02039Requires a driver approaching stationary emergency vehicles, tow or recovery trucks, or highway maintenance vehicles to switch lanes or reduce the speed of a motor vehicle

A02040Requires weapons and ammunition to be secured when being transported and imposes a fine of at least $1,000 for violation

A02041Makes provisions to preserve access to health care services by requiring that applications for construction not be approved without preservation

A02042Provides that state cosmetology curriculums and examinations reflect instruction concerning cultural and ethnic awareness in regard to hair type

A02046Relates to the designation of workers' compensation coverage for certain employees

A02047Provides reimbursement to licensed not-for-profit corporations providing the office for people with developmental disabilities services for retirement cost

A02074Provides for designation of agency on aging in city of Yonkers

A02077Decreases the prohibited area of parking around a fire hydrant from fifteen to ten feet

A02087Designates the tenth day of March of each year as a public holiday, to be known as Harriet Tubman day

A02092Relates to sanctions and penalties for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol; repealer

A02093Establishes a housing part of the city court for the city of Yonkers

A02118Enacts the omnibus telecommunications reform act of 2016

A02132Relates to certain payments to the horsemen's organization

A02138Expands requirements for public notification of public meetings

A02142Relates to chemical testing for prospective foster parents

A02145Relates to regulation of dimensions and weight of motor vehicles in certain cities; repealer

A02162Authorizes the impoundment of any motor vehicle operated by a person who drives while ability impaired or intoxicated

A02163Authorizes a statewide toll free hotline run by the state police with reward for information leading to conviction of drunk drivers; imposes an additional surcharge on convicted drivers

A02164Relates to operation of an authorized emergency vehicle

A02165Directs the commissioner of motor vehicles, in conjunction with the office of court administration, to redesign uniform traffic tickets

A02167Requires the commissioner of motor vehicles to install notification of the thirty foot requirement on every stop sign

A02168Makes provisions with respect to affordable housing within the city of Yonkers

A02169Relates to the length of time that a person on a visa can hold a New York state driver's license or learner's permit

A02194Provides for the issuance of distinctive "The Westchester Way" license plates for an additional $25 annual fee

A02195Prohibits the advertisement of tobacco products and herbal cigarettes near schools

A02206Authorizes a public employee's contractual rights extended for six months beyond expiration date of current agreement for negotiation of new agreement

A02213Permits school board members who have served ten years to elect to receive state health insurance

A02218Relates to the Mount Vernon public library

A02219Appropriates funds to the city of Yonkers fire department for a hazardous materials emergency response unit

A02220Authorizes a special account to create safe city streets, safe city, safe schools program in city of Yonkers

A02226Bans open pickup trucks on the historic ten and one-half mile section of the Bronx River Parkway

A02229Relates to limits on certain supplementary insurance

A02240Entitles senior citizens to a refund of any security deposit exceeding one month's rent

A02241Requires insurers insuring property in floodplains to include damages done by wave action or windblown waves

A02246Provides for the limitation of rent increases after vacancy of a rent regulated housing accommodation

A02259Relates to compensation for information concerning fraudulent insurance transaction

A02286Provides for the licensing and regulation of the profession of reflexology

A02310Requires passengers on school buses equipped with seat belts to wear such belts when the bus is in motion

A02313Authorizes city of Yonkers to establish one or more transportation improvement districts

A02314Relates to the clean-up of petroleum discharges occurring during the delivery of home heating oil to a residence

A02317Enacts the health care consumer and provider protection act relating to collective negotiations by health care providers with certain health care plans

A02322Establishes real property tax exemption for persons in armed forces serving in hostile areas

A02367Requires that health services paid for by a school district for a student attending outside the district be no greater than the district's cost

A02453Requires the preparation of a comprehensive economic development plan for the use of eminent domain when the primary purpose is economic development

A02455Authorizes commissioner of housing and community renewal to maintain housing registry called "Access-New York"

A02510Provides for issuance of annual special hauling permits for trucking companies in certain circumstances on the New York state thruway in the Westchester area

A02514Establishes an office of special education services to administer programs for children with disabilities

A02526Transfers any unspent funds from the regents health care professional opportunity scholarship program to the regents physician loan forgiveness program

A02531Provides for the award of scholarships and loan forgiveness for dentists and podiatrists on the same terms as physicians

A02537Relates to the rights of former outpatients of mental health facilities to have files sealed after ten years

A02545Repeals and reenacts provisions on time limitations on certain actions against professional engineers, architects, other designers and construction contractors

A02559Relates to payments to the racing industry at the racinos receiving full casino gaming licenses

A02570Relates to the governance of the Westchester county health care corporation

A02571Prohibits the erection or maintenance of billboards advertising alcoholic beverages within 1000 feet of schools or playgrounds

A02586Authorizes gas stations to purchase motor fuel from alternative suppliers

A02598Prohibits political candidates from being nominated by more than one party for any public office

A02599Prohibits male correction officers from pat frisking female inmates

A02619Requires each branch of state government and political subdivision of the state to establish and abide by a code of ethics

A02620Provides for the disposal of certain information or data maintained by agencies of government including electronic records

A02634Excludes from definition of "employee" such services rendered by various independent contractors who service the harness racing industry

A02637Creates a distinctive plate for New York state licensed mental health counselors

A02648Relates to excavation of underground facilities; expands the definition of "excavation" for the purposes of the protection of underground facilities

A02653Requires the installation and maintenance of lockout devices on lottery vending machines by licensed lottery sales agents to prevent use by minors

A02654Authorizes state and municipal agencies to regulate use of geographic information systems materials after the disclosure thereof under freedom of information law

A02657Requires charitable solicitations made by the use of containers left unattended to post the percentage of the collection that actually goes to the charitable purpose

A02680Authorizes community colleges offering an associates degree program in nursing to offer a four-year bachelors degree program in nursing

A02684Calls for legislative conference committees; requires appropriate legislative committee to act on a bill if requested by the sponsor of the bill

A02685Requires a police officer or a district attorney to apply for a court order to compel a chemical test to determine blood alcohol content in certain cases

A02686Relates to real property tax lien transfers; repealer

A02687Reduces sales tax by one percent on vehicles manufactured in the United States

A02689Relates to creating a racing fan advisory board, establishing an I Love NY Racing promotion and awarding the New York State Horse Racing Farm of the Year Award

A02690Relates to certain brownfield redevelopment tax credits

A02692Relates to the appointment of commissioners of elections

A02697Relates to repeat violators who endanger the public health, safety or the environment

A02705Relates to publication of legal notices on the official Westchester county website

A02713Directs the state comptroller to implement the federal authorization to encourage the use of mass transportation

A02723Authorizes the crime victims board to accept other official documents in lieu of police reports for documentation of eligibility for compensation

A02771Requires local boards of elections to verify the number of enrolled members of a party in an election district

A02775Relates to disputes between a surrogate and a hospital or individual health care provider

A02792Changes population restrictions on apportioning expense of municipal police department member training

A02793Allows Westchester county to require bidders for public works, construction or purchase contracts to hire and retain persons residing in certain targeted communities

A02801Provides for the payment of the salary, wages, medical and hospital expenses of any city of Yonkers detention officer injured in the line of duty

A02802Relates to disputes arising from collective negotiations

A02804Allows municipal commissions to use alternate lists for filling vacancies with resident and non-resident minority group members and women in order to achieve diversity in police departments

A02842Prohibits discrimination in promotion of police officers who fail to meet their employer's ticket quotas

A02868Authorizes the impoundment of vehicles operated by intoxicated or impaired persons

A02874Establishes New York state public defense commission and provides for its powers and duties, including local fiscal relief for public defense expenses

A02876Allows localities to exclude disability pension in determining eligibility level for partial exemption from real property tax

A02877Requires the state police to investigate accusations of police misconduct

A02889Enacts provisions providing protection to employees from retaliatory actions by employers where such employees report improper business activities

A02892Requires inmate sexual harassment complaints made against department employees to be investigated by the attorney general

A02893Authorizes wagering on professional sports

A02898Provides for implementation of domestic violence employee awareness and assistance policies by employers and grants disability benefits credit therefor

A02900Allows state entities to require bidders for public works, construction or purchase contracts to hire and retain persons residing in certain targeted communities

A02915Makes provisions with respect to student awards, loans and tuition assistance programs

A02916Authorizes the Westchester county board of elections to merge any election district with 50 or fewer registered voters into an existing election district

A02917Provides for the declaration of housing emergencies for rental housing accommodations located in buildings owned by certain limited-profit housing companies

A02918Prohibits approved providers of child health insurance coverage from discriminating against health care providers not participating in the insurers network

A02932Makes provisions regarding the unlawful sale of law enforcement identification

A02965Provides for the licensing and regulation of the practice of neurofeedback therapy

A03228Prohibits banks from holding for deposit state issued check

A04717Prohibits the siting of a casino in Orange county

A04925Extends certain provisions relating to the New York state thoroughbred breeding and development fund

A04956Extends the expiration of the mortgage recording tax imposed by the city of Yonkers

A05070Extends the expiration date of the personal income tax surcharge imposed in the city of Yonkers

A05175Extends provisions of law relating to the disposition of sales and compensating use tax revenue in the county of Westchester

A05183Relates to eligibility for New York Jockey Injury Compensation Fund, Inc. benefits

A05656Relates to process server records

A06089Relates to multi-jurisdictional account wagering providers

A06124Relates to contribution requirements for the capital acquisition fund

A06246Relates to commission hearings of racetrack ejectments and denials of access of commission licensees

A06333Authorizes the Yonkers city school district to require certain minors who are five years of age to attend kindergarten

A06345In relation to payments in support of racing

A06569Authorizes the city of Mount Vernon to offer certain retirement options to Christopher Grieco, Wendell Griffin, Patsy Leone and Jeremy Villanueva, police officers employed by such city

A06772Includes within the class D felony of assault in the second degree, the intentional causing of physical injury to a process server to obstruct the server's duty

A06894Prohibits the governor from inserting policy into appropriations

A06946Permits racing or licensing race meetings on Palm Sunday

A06951In relation to excluding patios and other outdoor areas on the premises of any entity licensed to operate a video lottery gaming facility from restrictions of the Clean Indoor Air Act

A07170Relates to investment in the racing industry in consideration for operation of a video lottery gaming facility

A07187Establishes the commission on retired racehorses

A07289Grants the metropolitan transportation authority the power to suspend vehicle registration in certain cases

A07441Relates to capital acquisition funds maintained by regional off-track betting corporations

A07457Authorizes licensed clinical social workers to provide services to injured employees under workers' compensation coverage

A07498Authorizes additional forms of games of chance currency for certain games of chance licensees

A07609Relates to non-insurance benefits

A07731Relates to the creation of the New York jockey injury compensation fund inc.

A07851Relates to fiscal requirements with respect to conducting horse races at raceways and racetracks

A07928Relates to the licensing of horse drawn carriages throughout the state

A07981Authorizes the city of Yonkers to impose an additional one-half of one percent sales tax to be used for the support of education

A08060Permits insurers to provide certain loss prevention and risk management devices to insureds and prospective insureds

A08216Relates to creating the racing fan advisory council

A08288Authorizes the city of Yonkers to impose an additional one-half of one percent sales tax

A08620Requires lending institutions to supply customers with PINs to be used in conjunction with any chip-embedded credit card

A08623Relates to allowing alcoholic beverages as prizes in any game of chance

A08629Relates to prohibiting the sale of live genetically modified salmon

A08631Relates to requiring that genetically modified salmon that is sold or offered for sale be labeled

A08640Authorizes the possession of certain antique rifles and their modern day replicas

A08659Relates to bonds and notes of the city of Yonkers

A09049Relates to allowing certain interactive poker games

A09125Relates to the New York state thoroughbred breeding and development fund

A09137Relates to the crediting of video lottery gaming winnings

A09206Relates to video lottery gaming in the counties of Suffolk and Nassau; repealer

A09270Relates to certain payments to the horsemen's organization

A09350Relates to permitting licensed clinical social workers, licensed psychiatrists and licensed psychologists to form a single corporate structure

A09478Relates to providing funds from the purse cushion fund to the New York Jockey Injury Compensation Fund, Inc. for two thousand sixteen

A09641Relates to prohibiting the removal, confiscation or destruction of lottery tickets prior to such game's expiration date

A09806Provides for certain health insurance benefits for Yvonne D. Mosca upon her retirement

A09916Authorizes the county of Westchester to alienate and convey certain parcels of land used as parkland

A09994Requires a New York state legend on all bell jar tickets sold in New York state

A10215Relates to authority for track owners and directors to race horses at such tracks

A10225Relates to New York bred and/or wholly owned harness races

A10400Relates to including assistant wardens as eligible members for performance of duty disability retirement benefits

A10441Relates to the operation of video lottery terminals at Aqueduct racetrack

A10473Relates to the registration and regulation of interactive fantasy sports contests


Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member: 

A10736Relates to the registration and regulation of interactive fantasy sports contests


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